Thursday, November 25, 2010 | By: Aizul Fared

Universal St Singapore

Mari kita pergi melancong... Ini tempat yang pertama nak cerita tentang destinasi perlancongan iaitu universal studio Singapore..
1st of all kita kena tahu tempatnya dan bagaimana hendak ke sana..

Public Buses
Take any of the buses below, alight in front of VivoCity and hop on to RWS 8.Get more details on SMRT and SBS bus services.

Bus numbers: 65, 80, 93, 188, 855, 10, 30, 97, 100, 131, 143, 145 & 166.
Take a North-East line MRT rail system,  alight at HarbourFront Station.  From there, you may take any of the following transportation:

Sentosa Express: Go to the 3rd level (Lobby L) of VivoCity shopping mall to transfer to Sentosa Express to enter the resort.

RWS 8: Proceed to the bus stop either outside VivoCity or Merrill Lynch HarbourFront. For a flat fee of S$2.00, guests will be taken into the resort.
The Sentosa Express
Take the Sentosa Express located on Level 3 VivoCity (Lobby L) then alight at Waterfront Station. A flat fee of S$3.00 applies. Find out more.
Taxi bays are located at various points of the resort to ensure visitors easy access to taxis.

If entering via RWS B1 car park, only prevailing taxi charges apply. If entering via Sentosa gantry, Sentosa island admission and taxi charges apply. All guests departing from RWS will be required to pay a S$3.00 surcharge.  

Refer to this map for directions.
Limousine service
Our executive limousine service is available exclusively for VIP guests, and offers a relaxed and hassle- free drive in total comfort by professional chauffeurs drivers. For more information, call our hotline at +65 6577 8888.
Tourist Coaches
There would be tourist coach bays around the resort to ensure convenient drop-offs for those taking coach into the resort for easy check-in to respective hotels. 
Cable Car 
A cable car ride offers the most relaxing way to arrive in Sentosa, offering dramatic views of HarbourFront vicinity, Keppel Harbour and Mount Faber park on mainland Singapore.
Boardwalk / Travellator (Walking)
In 2011, guests will be able to take a five-to-ten minute walk from VivoCity City shopping mall to the resort using the travellators.

Ok sudah sampai kita masuk ke dalam universal Studio... Ni je gambar yang sempat saya ambil..

 Inilah pintu masuk ke Universal Studio Singapore.. Cantik tapi time ni sangat panas so tak bergambar pun di situ..

Ini adalah New York Street 

Gambar ini sebelum masuk ke far far away...cerita shriek.

Makan dulu sebelum pulang..